Xmobar not updating

03-Dec-2019 14:01

Note: You may need to choose "Custom xsession" or similar at the login screen. You may need to have some basic understanding of Haskell in order to modify this file, but most people have no problems. Colors set in the xmobar config and dmenu script are meant to coincide with the IR_Black terminal and vim themes.

xmonad-config is pre-configured to work on one of two display setups.

xmonad-config is the xmonad configuration used by Vic Fryzel.

If you are unfamiliar with xmonad, it is a tiling window manager that is notoriously minimal, stable, beautiful, and featureful.

No in-depth explanations; just a straightforward, step-by-step rundown of what I did. If you don’t care about tracking stack with your package manager, then, as the stack how-to-install explains, just run NB: I had to restart my computer in order for xmobar to start up properly – probably because xmonad couldn’t find the xmobar binary.

Whenever you update your xmonad, xmonad-contrib, or xmobar repositories, just first.

If that does not work try updating your system also when in chroot. Some of our users are on limited bandwidth and we like for images to be reduced in size to accommodate them. You can read our policy here: Forum Etiquette: Pasting Pictures and Code.

Maybe because we're all used to have various problems with Xdefaults, but not a stupid spelling one I'm only registered to feedback on this topic:xrdb -load ~/. Since you have to use xrdb anyway now, I guess it really doesn't matter and you could potentially call it whatever you want.

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