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The “A Preacher’s Blog” feature contains the blog posts by Bro. Every Worldwide Bible Exposition, netizens participate in the online conversations on Twitter hosted by the The Old Path online channels. Daniel are hosting The Old Path (translated as also feature Bible Expositions and Q&A videos of Bro. The programs, El Camino Antiguo and O Caminho Antigo’s Facebook pages and Youtube channels provide live streams of Bible Expositions.

With the help of God, official hashtags of the Church’s Bible Exposition events trend on Twitter almost every time there are online conversations. Eli left the Philippines in 2005 in an intensified global propagation efforts of MCGI, this was followed by the translation of The Old Path content into various languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Chinese, among others. Meanwhile, The Old Path can also be streamed through UNTV News and Rescue.

With the fast and continuous advent of technology, The Old Path hosts Bro. Daniel Razon make good use of various digital platforms to propagate the gospel of Christ across all nations, especially to those who are active internet users.

When Ang Dating debuted, it, the Members Church of God International (MCGI), and of Bro. The radio-television host’s program videos are being shared by netizens online for being both educational and informative.

When should a man follow God’s commandments and be holy?

Basing from the Bible, what are the erroneous practices that take place during the Holy Week?

During the official announcement in June 2016 that MCGI’s Bible Expositions will be streamed live on Facebook, the Church’s Assistant to the Overall Servant Bro.

It also marked the official attempt of MCGI to break the Guinness world record for the "Largest Gospel Choir in a Single Location." Under the supervision of Guinness official adjudicator and independent auditing firm Punongbayan & Araullo Grant Thorton, the Guinness world record was awarded to MCGI with a total of 8,688 choristers from the ADD Chorale beating the previous record held by the Philippine religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo with 4,745 participants during their 100th centennial anniversary at the Philippine Arena.To date, there are translations of the show in languages and local Philippine dialects such as Chinese, Bicolano, and Waray, among others.