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29-Oct-2020 14:57

She eventually did, so he never got the chance, but now innocuous names like "The Blue Room" and "Pallasades Club," places that sounded like the many dance clubs my mom and stepdad went to all the time, took on a whole different meaning for me.Clicking one of these pages, I found that my suspicions were right. There was a forum link at the top and I decided I would try to see what they had in the discussions.Spreading the ointment on myself Friday night, I found that my mom had responded to my last post and said that she liked what she was reading and would have a spot open for me if I wanted it.That made it so hard for me not to stroke myself all night, that I had to use a double dose of sleeping pills at 8pm to make sure that I went to sleep without touching anything.

I then went to dinner alone at a nearby bar and then drove myself soberly out to the Blue Room.

The very first item on the list, the most recent for those who are not very tech savvy, was titled "Gangbang while husband is gone." I started shaking and slowly thumbed the mouse over to the post and clicked.

I read the body of the message and found that my mom was using the forum to set up a group sex encounter at this "Blue Room" place for the next weekend while my step-dad was in Hawaii doing a training seminar.

Feeling the nervous shakes go through me, I clicked enter and let the site think that I was my mom. There were the standard sets of forums, talking about dates and times of operation, how to use the forum, favorite positions, etc.

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Scrolling down, I noticed that a lot of the forums were barely used and figured that it was probably more likely the people that frequented this place were communicating in person.Dropping the hundred dollars for a membership and a door fee, I took my free mask and headed to upper bar, sitting area. About three hours later, I noticed a cluster of guys gathering near the bar.